After a Black Duke University player was racially abused during a game the previous night, a women's volleyball match was suspended on Saturday.

The Duke volleyball player's father claimed in an interview conducted late Saturday that his daughter began to worry "the rowdy audience" may become violent after hearing the same slur repeatedly  from the stands while she was serving.

Mr. Richardson claimed that on Friday night, his daughter called him crying about the incident.

After the episode occurred, a police officer was placed on Duke’s bench.

In a statement, Brigham Young noted that the acts of "a tiny number of supporters" had left them "very discouraged" and that "the use of a racial slur at any of our sporting events is simply unacceptable."

According to a February 2021 study by a university committee that examined race on campus, B.Y.U., where less than 1% of students are Black, has had difficulty fostering an inclusive atmosphere for its students of colour.

The game, which was open only to staff and family members, is part of the same tournament, the doTERRA Classic, in which B.Y.U. played Duke. B.Y.U. won 3 games to 1.